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Welcome to the online ordering page for Neese’s Country Sausage!

Notice: Due to updating our website, there is a possibility that we will not ship any products the week of October 16-20. If you place an order after October 11th, your order may be held until Monday October 23rd. In addition, our website may intermittently be down for a short amount of time during the week of October 16-20. Don’t worry, we are working hard to bring you a better website and online shopping experience!

Please note: Our online ordering page is available 24/7 for your convenience! However, we only ship our products Monday-Wednesday due to UPS delivery times. If an order is received after they are processed Wednesday morning, we may ship your product the following Monday (except in rare circumstances).

We may also be able to ship our products to you through UPS Ground at a flat rate of $21.00! Please refer to the shipping map. If you live within the orange area, UPS Ground is an option for all of our products that we can freeze before shipping (Sausage, Bacon, Souse, and C-Loaf). Please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-632-1010 to place an order for these products if UPS Ground is an option. Thank you!

UPS Shipping Map

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    Regular Sausage

    • Regular Sausage
    • Price:$ 4.79 Weight:16.0 oz

    Hot Sausage

    • Hot Sausage
    • Price:$ 4.79 Weight:16 oz

    Extra Sage Sausage

    • Extra Sage Sausage
    • Price:$ 4.79 Weight:16 oz

    Extra Hot Sausage

    • Extra Hot Sausage
    • Price:$ 4.79 Weight:16 oz

    Liver Pudding Loaf

    • Liver Pudding Loaf
    • Price:$ 5.29 Weight:40 oz *This product requires Next Day shipping

    Liver Pudding

    • Liver Pudding 16 oz
    • Price:$ 2.59 Weight:16 oz

    Liver Mush

    • Liver Mush
    • Price:$ 2.59 Weight:20 oz


    • Souce
    • Price:$ 2.89 Weight:16.0 oz


    • C-Loaf
    • Price:$ 4.09 Weight:16 oz

    Country Scrapple

    • Country Scrapple
    • Price:$ 2.79 Weight:16 oz *This product requires Next Day shipping


    • Bacon
    • Price:$ 5.19 Weight:16 oz