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Our Products

Everything we make is a great example of our family’s dedication to creating authentic southern recipes for fresh, great tasting products.

It starts with selecting only the finest North Carolina raised pork as the key ingredient, and then adding a special blend of spices from our family recipes.

So when you want the freshest with the best taste, pick up Neese’s. You will never be disappointed with this wonderful North Carolina treat.

Regular Sausage

This is the original recipe from Mr. Thede.  It hasn’t changed in almost 100 years, and it’s still delivered fresh every day.  It is minimally processed and contains no MSG, preservatives, additives, or nitrites/nitrates.

Hot Sausage

For those who like a little zestier taste, we made Neese’s Hot Sausage.  Just like all our sausage, it’s fresh – never frozen – and totally without preservatives.

Extra Sage Sausage

This is our original recipe with a smooth taste and just enough sage added to please sage lovers.

Extra Hot Sausage

Not for the faint of heart!  It’s got loads of crushed red and cayenne pepper.  Great at the breakfast table or in your favorite dip during a sporting event.

Liver Pudding

Miss Annie’s original.  This fully-cooked Southern favorite features our special spices.  It’s 96% fat-free and, believe it or not, a favorite of kids who love it on a sandwich or warmed in the pan for breakfast. By the way, it doesn’t taste like pudding and it doesn’t look like liver.

Liver Mush

This is a regional variation on Liver Pudding and it has a different recipe, including spices and seasonings. For some folks in western North Carolina there is no substitute.

Country Scrapple

Lots of folks think this is a northeastern product, but in fact it’s amazing how much Neese’s Scrapple people in the South buy. It’s also rewarding to hear people from the North tell us how good our Scrapple is.


There are lots of folks who don’t know what C-Loaf is.  But if you grew up on the farm, you know and love it.  Try some – even if you live in town!


This old-time favorite has a flavor some swear you can’t find anywhere else in the world. But you can find it in your favorite supermarket.


Thats right, Neese’s now has bacon! Our bacon’s rich, hickory smoked flavor is not too salty and not too sweet- it’s just right!

Institutional Products: Neese’s has special products for our institutional customers.  Churches and civic clubs can purchase for fundraisers and restaurants, hotels and retirement facilities can proudly serve Neese’s to their guests..

We will deliver for you or you may pick up your institutional product order at our plant. Please email or call with your requests. We will be glad to supply you with the always fresh taste of Neese’s.