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Part of Your Family for 100 Years

The familiar aroma of morning coffee brewing and sausage sizzling on the stove has long brought smiles of anticipation to millions as they awake from a sound sleep and begin stirring toward a new day.

The sausage of choice for nearly a century:  Neese’s.

We’re proud of the fact that we have been part of your family for nearly 100 years.  We’ve been there for Christmas dinner and at the breakfast table on the first day of school.

You know our products – they’re always fresh, never frozen.  That’s because we have our own little trucks that deliver to supermarkets every day.  To guarantee your satisfaction, every package has a freshness date.

While you will only find Neese’s in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, we are pleased to let you know that if you’ve moved away and long for that great Neese’s taste, you can now order some from this web site for shipment anywhere in the United States.

Try Neese’s and you’ll see why fresh has always been better.